Two National consultations events have been organised on 4 and 7 December respectively in Rabat and Tunis in relation to a SWIM-SM activity directed to evaluate the cost of the environmental degradation of two River Basins: the Oum Er-Rbia in Morocco and the Medjerda in Tunisia.

The activity aims at assisting national and local decision makers in identifying concrete actions to improve the management of these River Basins, enabling them to prioritize investments at the local level to finance environmentally friendly projects.

The cost of environmental degradation is calculated on the basis of existing studies and data that have been collected and analysed to produce a draft assessment, whose results have been presented and discussed during the national consultation events.

For more information:

Agenda of the National consultation in Morocco

Agenda of the National consultation in Tunisia

Presenttaions and other Materials

Press Note of the activity in Tunisia 


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