A capacity development activity directed to water and environment prosecutors and investigators has successfully been organized by SWIM-SM with the aim to enhance the coordinated role of water officials, environment inspectors and monitors and prosecutors in enforcing water and environment legislation towards a more effective and Integrated Management of Water Resources (IWRM) in the countries of the South Mediterranean.

The activity, that involved 29 representatives of water and environmental Ministries, relevant agencies including prosecutors, consisted of a workshop and a study tour to three European destinations (the Netherlands, Spain and France) where participants have been directly exposed to the experiences and best practices applied in these countries.

Participants were trained on the following:

·         Methods and criteria for preparingintegrated environmentand water legislations;

·         Best institutional and legislative structures and mechanisms to address water and environment violations;

·         Appropriate measures and techniques to address violations and noncompliance;

·         Measures for enabling community participation in preventing noncompliance;

·         Establishment of accredited monitoring, auditing and reporting systems for the provision of legally accredited evidences for indictment in water and environmental violations;

·         Establishment of water and environment inspectorates and auditing procedures.

For more information:

Information Note and Agenda

Presentations and materials related to:

Training Manual


Press Note relating to the first part (in the Netherlands) of the Study Tour

Press Note relating to the second part (Spain and France) of the Study tour



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