The National consultation event has been organised on 26 November 2013 in Algiers in relation to a SWIM-SM activity directed to evaluate the cost of the environmental degradation of the Seybouse River Basin in Algeria.

The activity aims to assist national and local decision makers in identifying concrete actions to improve the management of this River Basin, enabling them to prioritize investments at the local level to finance environmentally friendly projects.

The cost of environmental degradation is calculated on the basis of existing studies and data that have been collected and analysed to produce a draft assessment, whose results have been presented and discussed during the national consultation workshop.

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The achievements of the 2nd year of implementation of  SWIM-Support Mechanism (SWIM-SM) were presented during the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the Project that took place on 12 and 13 November 2013 in Athens, Greece and also provided a forum for the exchange of views on the project’s future activit

Additional opportunities for collaboration and building synergies between SWIM-SM and the five SWIM Demonstration Projects were also discussed and identified in the framework of the SWIM Coordination Meeting on 11 November2013.

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In the framework of its efforts directed to develop the capacity of South Mediterranean countries in the proper design, operation and management of wastewater treatment plants for urban and rural areas SWIM Support Mechanism has successfully carried out a 2 days training and a study tour in Spain and The Netherlands.

The participants have been exposed to wastewater treatment technologies, innovation, operation and management along with governance frameworks and wastewater reuse in irrigation. 

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Information Note and preliminary agenda

Press release (related to the training part)

Press release (related to the study tour part)

The IMPROWARE International Symposium on Innovative Means to Protect Water Resources entitled “THE CHALLENGE OF RECLAIMED WASTEWATER REUSE FOR ACQUIFER RECHARGE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA” will take place in Tunis, from July 28 to August 3, 2014.

The Symposium – held in English – will offer a high-level platform to take part in cutting-edge discussions in the field of Water Management, to share information and to network. Numerous important stakeholders, including high level officials of the Ministries of Agriculture, Cooperation, Environment and Water Resources, research and academic Institutions, private sectors, foundations, NGOs and civil society organizations are expected to attend.

The Symposium will concern:

-          Scientific and Technical Aspects of Water Resources Management;

-          Legislative Framework on Water Resources Management;

-          Socio-economic Impacts of Wastewater Treatment Using Natural Systems and Related Industrial Application and Development.

A Call for Contributions is open.

Deadline for submission is January 30, 2014.

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Fourteen (14)  national experts from the South Mediterranean Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine) in addition to international and regional experts met in Athens between 2 and 4 September 2013 to elaborate a Mediterranean-wide system enabling a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of participatory irrigation management (PIM) -an approach involving the people who directly use the irrigation water, i.e. the farmers-and transfer of irrigation management (IMT) responsibilities from the government to Water Users Associations (WUAs).

The elaborated M&E system takes stock of the findings of a regional review and of a compilation of international relevant practices undertaken by SWIM-SM in addition to the experiences and best practices that were shared and discussed during the meeting.

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