This video presents the current achievements (as of June 2014) of the SWIM Programme and its two components, with emphasis on the activities of the five Demonstration Projects.

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The SWIM Programme: a brief introduction

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A one day National consultation workshop has been organized in Tunisia (5 March 2013), Morocco (7 March 2013) and Egypt (11 March 2013) to present, discuss and validate with relevant National stakeholders the findings of the assessments conducted by SWIM-SM for each of these countries on the status of development and implementation of their wastewater strategies and/or action plans.

Through the workshops it was also aimed to establish a national dialogue among high level officials from the relevant sectors to advance the strategy/policy/action plan formulation and implementation in the countries.

Information Note - Egypt

Information Note - Morocco (only in French)

Information Note - Tunisia (only in French)




A sub-regional workshop on the inter-linkages between Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) has been jointly organized by the EU-ENPI-funded projects Sustainable Water Integrated Management – Support Mechanism (SWIM-SM) and the Capacity Building Component of the Horizon 2020 initiative (CB/MEP) in Algeria on 30 October – 1 November 2012.

The objective of this workshop was to develop the capacity of stakeholders in the partner countries in integrated management of natural resources with a focus on water and coastal resources. It aimed to demonstrate the connectedness of resources, specially river basins and coastal areas. The training focused on the concepts, planning principles and tools of IWRM and ICZM and how these two concepts are interlinked.


Information Note

Two National consultations events have been organised on 4 and 7 December respectively in Rabat and Tunis in relation to a SWIM-SM activity directed to evaluate the cost of the environmental degradation of two River Basins: the Oum Er-Rbia in Morocco and the Medjerda in Tunisia.

The activity aims at assisting national and local decision makers in identifying concrete actions to improve the management of these River Basins, enabling them to prioritize investments at the local level to finance environmentally friendly projects.

The cost of environmental degradation is calculated on the basis of existing studies and data that have been collected and analysed to produce a draft assessment, whose results have been presented and discussed during the national consultation events.

For more information:

- Agenda of the National consultation in Morocco

- Agenda of the National consultation in Tunisia

- Press Note of the activity in Tunisia 

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of SWIM-SM took place in Brussels on 17-18 October 2012 with the aim to:

a) report on project’s progress to the Project Countries representatives, relevant partner institutions and initiatives and;

b) promote a constructive dialogue and consultation on activities planned by the project for its second year of implementation.

The meeting brought together the SWIM Focal Points and Environmental Liaison Officers from the Partner Countries, in addition to officials of the European Commission, representatives of regional institutions and stakeholders.

• Meeting's Agenda

• List of participants

• Presentations:

- SWIM-SM Progress

- 2013 Work Plan

• Concept Notes

• Demonstration Projects

Synergies with on-going initiatives


The 2nd SWIM Coordination Meeting was organised on 16 October 2012, in advance of the Steering Committee Meeting with the following objectives:

• Evaluate the so far achieved cooperation / coordination between SWIM Support Mechanism. (SM) and Demonstration Projects (DM)

• Mutually update SWIM DM and SM about their status of implementation and the planned activities until August 2013.

• Discuss and identify the practical means to further concretizing effective cooperation between SWIMSMand SWIM-DM (and among Demonstration Projects if applicable) in relation to the planned activities.

Meeting's Agenda


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