Nobariya, Egypt

In order to improve the quality of the treated Waste Water, the Project identified the need of an important upgrade of the existing plant and a tertiary treatment step, to be realised through a submerged flow Constructed Wetland (CW). The works for the CW have been completed in September 30th while on October 1st the upgrade works of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) started.

These include:

  • The construction of clarifiers and recirculation systems
  • Installation of pumps to the CW in order to feed the plant

Between November and December 2014 the following was implemented:

  • A grounding system was constructed;
  • A submersible pump was installed in one of the wells of the CW and its cables were connected to the electrical panel;
  • The two supply lines were connected to ensure the functioning of both basins of the CW in case of standstill of one of the sedimentation tanks;
  • Hydraulic connections were implemented to prepare for the installation of flow meters in the four wells, and the level meter in the two wells;
  • Gate valves were installed in the three wells;
  • A study to identify the most appropriate irrigation system and the plants to be sown has been carried out and the procedures for the upgrade works of the WWTP extra works has been agreed upon.


Korba, Tunisia

The original Waste Water treatment station of Korba consisted in an activated sludge treatment and maturation ponds as tertiary treatment for Domestic and Industrial Waste Water. During the Project implementation, the main problem of the station emerged to be related to the quality of the effluent due to a bottleneck in the recharging facilities which resulted in a less effective reclamation of the Waste Water.

  • An evaluation of the irrigation system has been started by monitoring activities before and after the upgrade. Results will show the current effectiveness of the WWTP in Korba, before the upgrade. A first monitoring phase has been conducted in October – a second monitoring phase might be required after upgrade completion. The comparison between results collected from the first and the second phases, will give a clear idea of the achievable water quality in Korba through these interventions and will serve as help and example for other similar wastewater treatment plants.
  • The tender for the installation of baffles and for the construction of the sand filter treatment were launched on November 1st 2014.

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