Training of Government Officials on the Preparation of Water Plans/Strategies (10-11 September 2012, Athens, Greece)

Formulation of action plans power point presentation
IWRM indicators power point presentation IWRM training
IWRM and the rule of Law power point presentation_IWRM Training
IWRM challenges power point presentation_IWRM training
Information Note Training of Government Officials on Water Plans/Strategies
IWRM Report Athens 10-11 September 2012
training_water_plans_and_strategies/final list of participants 1.pdf
training_water_plans_and_strategies/iwrm meeting report final.pdf
training_water_plans_and_strategies/infonote iwrm training fr.pdf
training_water_plans_and_strategies/press note_iwrm training_fr.pdf
training_water_plans_and_strategies/press note_iwrm_final_ar.pdf
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