Strengthening the capacity of SWIM Partner Countries in the assessment of the cost of water resources degradation at the basin level (23-25 June 2014)

COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/1- introduction to the workshop - s. arif_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/2 - overview of coed - s. arif_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/3 - comparative results - s. arif_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/4 - economics and environment principles - f. doumani_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/5 - linking environment and economics - f. doumani_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/6 - valuation methods 1 - f. doumani_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/7 - valuation methods 2 - f. doumani_en.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/8 - conclusions and recommendations.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/agenda cawrd_athens.pdf
COWRD_CB_Athens_23-25_JUNE_2014/list of participants.pdf
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