Al Nobariya - Egypt
• Completion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) upgrade in Nobariya (Egypt). The connection of the water flow to the Constructed Wetland, already built by the project in 2014, has been done. The inauguration event is expected for the end of November. Moreover, the monitoring of the water flow has started.
• Preparation of the irrigation field in Nobariya (Egypt). The drawings of the lab-scale field construction have been concluded as a preparatory step for the implementation of the water use and irrigation component of the project that will be carried out in the last few months of the project.
• Finalization of numerical modeling related to artificial aquifer recharge activities through the preparation of a set of simulated artificial aquifer recharge scenarios. The model of the simulation of injection of freshwater from the Constructed Wetland and/or the upgraded WWTP into the confined fine sand aquifer (that was detected by the in situ drilling and geophysical surveys previously carried out by the project) has allowed to perform some preliminary evaluations about the effectiveness of the aquifer recharge to: 1) store freshwater; 2) use the confined fine sand aquifer for improving the quality of the injected treated wastewater; 3) reuse the groundwater for agricultural purposes; 4) use the aquifer recharge to contrast the aquifer salinization. The final evaluation and delivery of the study is expected in fall/winter 2015 following discussions and meetings with relevant stakeholders.

Korba - Tunisia
• Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade. The works have been initiated on June 1st as informed by the Office National de l’Assainissement (ONAS) and it is estimated that they will last until the end of the year.

Dissemination event
• On October, 28 in Venice (Italy) at the Water Expo, it is scheduled a dissemination event about the results of the Project aimed to provide adequate innovative solutions to the water scarcity problems of the Mediterranean Region also in the perspective of adaptation to Climate Change.


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