Increasing visibility efforts and sustaining the system previously set up by SWIM-SM to enhance Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) and Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) processes were among the key recommendations formulated during a Regional Conference organized by the project on 17 & 18 November 2014 in Athens, Greece.

In this framework, a set of interventions and communication and dissemination tools were identified to enhance the “institutionalisation” of the system and its long-term sustainability after the end of SWIM-SM in December 2015. Lessons learnt from the development and application of the regional monitoring and evaluation (MONEVA) system put in place were also presented and discussed.

Participants in the event included 29 representativesfrom the South Mediterranean institutions dealing with or distributing irrigation water to water users associations (WUAs), WUAs,  donors involved in WUAs’ establishment and support, regional and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the field in the region, donors-assisted projects, resource persons with relevant experience in the region and finally the representatives of the pilot areas in Tunisia and Jordan where the M&E system was pilot tested and who presented selected results.

The innovative character of MONEVA, which comprises both monitoring and evaluation components of the PIM/IMT programs compared to the preceding efforts which were focused mainly on monitoring, and were confined to the performance of the WUAs rather than the entire process, was acknowledged.

Moreover, some of the important system values were clearly highlighted by the people responsible for pilot applications in Jordan and Tunisia, and particularly:

·         The flexibility of the system to adapt to the specific conditions of a given country

·         Its support in identifying the main constraints that limit the performance of the respective organizations at the national, regional and local levels and actions needed to improve it and;

·         Its contribution in promoting a better understanding – and therefore coordination - between the irrigation agencies and the WUAs.

Based on recommendations received activities by SWIM-SM in 2015 shall aim at implementing some of the enabling actions towards the objective of overall consolidating the work done and enhancing the replication potential of the system as well as at intensifying interventions in the pilot countries.

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