SWIM-SM has kicked-off on 9 December 2013 the pilot implementation in Jordan of a regional system developed to enable the effective Monitoring & Evaluation of participatory irrigation management (PIM) and Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) process.

This is an approach involving the people who directly use the irrigation water, i.e. the farmersand implying the transfer of irrigation management responsibilities from the government to Water Users Associations (WUAs), which in the long term can result in a more effective management of the resources, as many examples worldwide and in the Mediterranean Region show.

The kick-off involved a meeting with the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) - the irrigation agency responsible for implementing the PIM/IMT program in the country - and the donors (GIZ and the USAID) involved in or supporting Water Users Associations (WUAs) formation and other relevant initiatives and also a meeting with the leaders of the WUAs which were proposed to participate in the pilot implementation.

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