This regional activity, with in depth analysis in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco, aims at reinforcing the capacities of SWIM Partner Countries to enforce water legislations towards their more effective compliance.

It entails the following

  1. An evaluation of the general state of compliance with water legislations, including the identification of constraints, gaps & challenges in achieving compliance;
  2. The identification of opportunities and capacity needs to bridge the gaps.
  3. The development of regional guidelines & policy options for SWIM countries on measures for improving compliance with water regulations.

This activity is based on the outcomes of a check-list addressing the status of compliance with water and environmental legislations in these 5 countries, which helped to identify constraints, gaps and challenges as well as opportunities and capacity needs to bridge the gaps.

Based on the outcomes of this analysis, and after reviewing regional and international best practices, a guiding manual will be developed to assist national authorities in developing the most acceptable and economically feasible means and policies to ensure the compliance of legislations by the water users.


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