SWIM National Review Meeting in Jordan (11 June 2015 - Ministry of Water and Irrigation – Amman, Jordan)
The meeting served to review and take stock of the performance, impact and relevance of the SWIM program during its implementation period in Jordan.
It involved 20 participants, invited by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, i.e. the focal point for SWIM-SM in Jordan, including: representatives from the EU delegation in Jordan, the country’s water sector (Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan Valley Authority and Water Authority of Jordan), the Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Planning in addition to the GIZ, and the SWIM experts from both components (support mechanism and demo projects).
Participants were briefed about all SWIM activities relevant to the country with focus on objectives, achievements and main lessons learnt that could serve as recommendations for future projects in the region, including:

The importance of flexibility to adjust to the fast socio-political developments in countries of the region;

  • enhanced interlinks between components (e.g Technical assistance and Demonstration activities);
  • need for intensive rather than extensive/multiple interventions;
  • better monitoring of trainees performance and their potential role to contribute to water issues in their country
  • strong political anchorage to ensure legacy
  • capitalisation on best practices and success/failure stories within the South Mediterranean Countries countries, promoting south-south cooperation (exchange visits, training)

Moreover, participants were also informed about upcoming or on-going activities carried out in 2015 by SWIM-SM or the SWIM Demonstration projects that are relevant to Jordan and other regional activities of interest.

SWIM-SM plans to organise National review Meetings in other beneficiary countries in the coming months.


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