The objective of this Pillar is to: (a) support Partner Countries in their climate change adaptation efforts for developing no regret actions through technical assistance, policy guidance, capacity development and awareness, (b) strengthen the institutional and technical capacity for designing and implementing concrete no regret adaptation actions; and (c) improve governance in water planning, allocation and service delivery, increasing awareness and disseminating climate change information.

The components of this Pillar are four-fold: (a) Compilation of all available information and assessment of the adequacy of the institutional and technical capacities to undertake proposed no-regret actions for CC adaptation at the national level; (b) Development of no-regret actions in the water sector for addressing the water scarcity at the local or basin level; (c) Improving water governance to ensure the public acceptance and compliance with suggested no-regret actions for CC adaptation; and (d) Increasing awareness on the immediate need of the water sector for no regret actions to adapt to CC and improving resilience of communities.

Work Package 1: Water governance & mainstreaming

  • Regional assessment of past drought & flood episodes and their management in Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia

Work Package 2: Capacity building activities

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