The purpose is to support the strengthening of stakeholders’ capacity at regional level and contribute to the empowerment of water related institutions; identify competent national and regional training institutions so as to serve as ‘networks/centres of reference’ and to prepare a regional roster of experts from the ENPI countries who can deal successfully with sustainable water management issues in the region.

Establishment of a network with the existing regional and national training institutions

Contact list of national and regional centres of excellence - elaborated in close collaboration with H2020 CB/MEP -  relating to the SWIM themes developed

Based on the database, mapping exercise of on ongoing and planned training activities at regional level so as to identify gaps with emphasis on SWIM-SM focus themes

Development of a matrix to highlight the possibilities for interlinks and synergies with on-going initiatives and projects in SWIM region associated with an operational mechanism for collaboration and synergy

Develop national and regional capacity building programmes / training sessions

Study tour on wastewater management and natural treatment systems in rural areas

Training on evaluating and structuring PPPs in the Water Sector

Training workshop on risk and insurance in PPPs for water infrastructure

High level policy dialogue on enforcement of water laws in SWIM-SM countries

Intensive course on desalination with solar energy

Training and Study Tour in Europe on the Operation and Management of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Training workshop on Strengthening Public Sector Capacity to Mobilize Depollution Investments and Private Sector Participation

Training Course - Cost Estimating of Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination Plants

Training workshop and study tour for developing the capacity of prosecutors and investigators to enforce water & environment legislations

High level study tour on participatory irrigation management/irrigation management transfer process

Training of government officials on the preparation of water plans/strategies

Sub Regional training on the inter-linkages between integrated water resources management (IWRM) and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) - in coordination with H2020 CB/MEP

Sub-regional  trainings in Israel and Tunisia on innovative and adaptable technologies for treated wastewater reuse, including the recharge of aquifers and sustainable desalination

Regional training to provide technical assistance for the identification and development of no-regret actions 

Regional training of water user associations' representatives from selected countries with part of the training provided by representatives from SWIM Partner Countries advanced in WUAs operationalisation - in coordination with H2020 CB/MEP. 

Regional training course on Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Water infrastructure


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