The activities implemented are the following:

WP1: Water governance & mainstreaming

Ensure sustainable water management strategies mainstreaming into other sectors’ policies

  • Regional Assessment on water Users’ Associations (WUAs) in the SWIM-SM countries that reviews the progress of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM), identifies the range of experiences, assesses the status, achievements and challenges of the WUAs and draws lessons and opportunities for improvement. In depth assessments are carried out in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.
  • Regional Expert Workshop promoted sharing of experiences and best practices in the establishment and operationalization of WUAs in the region and discussed / validated the findings of the Regional Assessment.

Development of a comprehensive M&E system for Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) and Irrigation Management transfer (IMT) Process:

  • Regional Expert Group Meeting on the  Development of a comprehensive M&E system for Participatory Irrigation Management & Irrigation Management Transfer process
  • Regional Workshop on the M&E system to monitor and evaluate the Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) and Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) Process in the SWIM-SM Countries

  • Regional review on the status of National Water Plans and/or Strategies in the SWIM Partner Countries and proposals for policy options and recommendations to advance their preparation, implementation and monitoring. The review contains a focused survey on the status of plans and strategies in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.
  • Organisation of a 2-day regional workshop to review the report and country briefs and agree on actions to be addressed at the policy level by the project 

  • Guidelines on measures for improving compliance with water legislations and assessment of enforcement capacity in the SWIM-SM Region with focus on Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.

  • Assessment of current legislative capacity and legal procedures in the prosecution of violators of water legislation and develop guidelines in Algeria, Jordan and Lebanon

WP 2: Capacity building activities

Develop national and regional capacity building programmes / training sessions

WP 4: dentification and promotion of good practices and success stories

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