The objective is to identify and promote good practices and success stories on water management and/or de‐pollution of the Mediterranean, in line with the four themes of the draft Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean and the three sources of pollution tackled by the Horizon 2020 initiative (municipal wastewater, municipal solid waste and industrial emissions) with an emphasis on water issues.

The activities that are being implemented are the following:

Activity 1: Identify and disseminate success stories and supporting exchange of experience between the beneficiaries of the present project and those of other projects/programmes implemented at regional or national level and;

Activity 2: Identify and inform about possible good practices and exchange knowledge on programmes or projects on water management in the region and elsewhere, funded by other donors and;

Activity 4: Contribute to facilitating the transfer of know‐how and exchange of experience on water management

Verification and Validation of Adequacy & Efficiency of Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects in:

Documentation of Best Practices in wastewater reuse in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Morocco

Documentation of Best Practices in non-revenue water management in selected Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Morocco)


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