The purpose is to develop a regional strategy for communication and awareness raising that could be applied regionally and nationally. The strategy will actively involve key players inside and outside the water sector, stakeholders, civil society, the media and targeted public in the partner and non‐partner countries.

The activities that are being implemented include the following:

Draw up a package of communication and awareness raising activities targeting relevant decision makers, stakeholders and the general public (including awareness on the draft Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean and the selected demonstration projects)

SWIM Website set up, maintained and updated.

Management of promotional materials’ design and production and oversight of the overall communication with SWIM‐SM Focal Points, target groups and other stakeholders.

Promotional materials include:

Relations with press and journalists ‐ advertorials, press releases.

Information sessions for media professionals about SWIM in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

Consultation meetings with responsible for extension services to farmers and/or administrations / cooperatives related to farmers activities to identify the type of messages, materials and activities that could form the awareness raising and communication campaign addressing this target group (in Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia).

  • Brochure for Tunisian and Algerian farmers on the least environmentally and human health damaging practices for re-using treated wastewater in agriculture:

Information workshops targeting Tunisian and Algerian farmers and trainers/technicians about health safety and practices related to the use of treated wastewater in agriculture

Development and Maintenance of a contacts’ data base for parliamentarians, journalists, NGOs, educators.

Production of quarterly News Flash.

Production and diffusion of promotional material, such as : flash memories, notepads, roll‐up banners, mousepads, folders.

Participation/Contribution to key regional/national events to promote SWIM‐SM visibility and coordination with relevant regional initiatives and projects

Oversight and management of the overall communication aspects related to SWIM-SM activities (contacts with relevant stakeholders, preparation of information materials, evaluation of specific activities)


The website management is the responsibility of SWIM Support Mechanism

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