The activities that are being implemented include the following:

WP1: Water governance & mainstreaming

Provide ad hoc support and advice for the review of water policies, national water strategies and IWRM plans

  • Workshop to brief Partner Countries and regional stakeholders on SWIM‐SM objectives in the wider spectrum of the non‐conventional water resources management agenda and to brainstorm and discuss the project’s regional priorities on wastewater treatment and reuse and desalination.

Desalination as a non-conventional water resource

WP 2: Capacity building activities

Develop national and regional capacity building programmes / training sessions

Support the involvement of officials in an online course on natural systems to improve their understanding and build their capacity on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of natural treatment systems, including physical and biochemical processes, design, operation and maintenance.

  • Sub-regional  trainings in Israel and Tunisia on innovative and adaptable technologies for treated wastewater reuse, including the recharge of aquifers and sustainable desalination

WP 3: Application of Water Management Plans 

Assessment on the best available technologies and technical and economic potentials related to wastewater reuse, aquifer recharge and sustainable desalination at regional level and their application at national level

Under this activity three assessments were prepared respectively on:

WP 4: Identification and promotion of good practices and success stories

Verification and Validation of Adequacy & Efficiency of Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects in:

WP 5: Development of a Communication and Awareness Raising Strategy

Draw up a package of communication and awareness raising activities targeting relevant decision makers, stakeholders and the general public (including awareness on the draft Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean and the selected demonstration projects)

Consultation meetings with responsible for extension services to farmers and/or administrations / cooperatives related to farmers activities to identify the type of messages, materials and activities that could form the awareness raising and communication campaign addressing this target group (in 4 PCs).

  • Brochure for Tunisian and Algerian farmers on the least environmentally and human health damaging practices for re-using treated wastewater in agriculture:

Information workshops targeting Tunisian and Algerian farmers and trainers/technicians about health safety and practices related to the use of treated wastewater in agriculture.


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