The purpose is to strengthen intra‐sector (within all actors in the water sector, namely ministries, local authorities, civil society, etc) and inter‐sector dialogue, exchange experience in liaison with Horizon 2020 and MED EUWI, catalyse action from partner countries and other donors, elaborate upon thematic issues, and harmonise approaches and policies.

The activities that are being implemented include the following:

Develop mechanisms and procedures to facilitate regional dialogue, consultations, and exchange of experience among the most water intensive sectors such as agriculture, tourism and urban development

Assessment on the best available technologies and technical and economic potentials related to wastewater reuse, aquifer recharge and sustainable desalination at regional level and their application at national level

Under this activity three assessments were prepared respectively on:

Review and Analysis of Private Sector Participation (PSP): Modalities in Water Service Delivery, with emphasis on the Southern Mediterranean Region

Organise and/or participate in regional or sub regional events aiming at mobilising partner countries and other donors in favour of sustainable water management schemes, and bringing together key players on water and environment in the region

Participation of the key experts in regional events, ensuring visibility of the project and its activities.

Organise and/or facilitate discussions and harmonising approaches and policies on issues related to the objectives of the Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean, notably IWRM and adaptation to climate change, and the Horizon 2020 initiative, especially its de-pollution component

Close operational linkages with H2020: Coordinate and appropriately interlink with activities undertaken under the H2020 Initiative in order to bring an added value and avoid overlapping. Expected output: Activities are identified for potential implementation in collaboration with H2020 MEHSIP.


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