Demonstration activities implemented by December 2014


Beneficiary country

  • Technical visit to monitor and discuss on-going demonstration and implementation activities 
  • Training course on Use of remote sensing techniques for improving resource use efficiency in cereals cultivation
  • Training course on Best management practices for cereals cultivation in Mediterranean environments
    Training course on Water stress impact to wheat morpho-physiological characteristics and yield


  • Field day on the best management practices of cereal cultivation under arid and semi arid conditions
  • Technical visit to Jordan to monitor/discuss the on-going demonstration and implementation activities 
  • Training Course on Optimizing Resource Use in Cereals: Application of Physiology in Agronomy and Breeding
  • Field day on Weed Control
  • Field day on Sowing dates and fertilizer application
  • Training course on Canopy Sensors
  • Training Course on Conservation agriculture as an active measure to cope with climate change
  • Training Course on Wheat under full-package practices - comparing full-package with conventional practices
  • Presentation of the performance of introduced varieties and management practices to farmers, extension agents, researches and decision makers
  • Training Course on Conservation Agriculture
  • Field day on Planting Dates and Fertilizer Application
  • Videos-Interviews


  • 2 Field Days on 1) Effect of drought on wheat yield; 2) New wheat and barley varieties; and 3) How to save water in irrigation.
  • Field Day on 1) Dry year versus normal year; 2) Crop rotation; 3) Soil analysis; 4) No-till practice.
  • Field Day on 1) Drought effect on crop production; 2) frost effect on crop production; 3) new wheat and barley varieties; 4) how to save water in irrigation
  • Technical visit to monitor and dicuss the demonstration and implementation activities 
  • Training course on Climate smart agriculture: capacity building for extension services and related video
  • Field Day on the first year results of ACLIMAS demonstration activities
  • Field Days on the first year results of ACLIMAS implementation activities
  • Field Day on Farming methods to adapt to climate change
  • Field Day on a) Conservation tillage versus conventional tillage, b) Weed management in conservation tillage, c) New wheat and barley varieties, d) Climate change impact on crop production (Shaat village and Baalbeck) and related videos.
  • Field day on the promotion of cereals products from Bekaa Valley
  • Videos-Interviews


  • Training course on Technical aspects of harvest and storage, Settat
  • 2 Field Days on Water productivity under conservation agriculture, Sidi El Aydi Experimental Station
  • Field Day on Constraints of adoption of No-TILL package, Ain Nzagh 
  • Field Day on Rotation under conservation agriculture, Souaka 
  • Field Day on Disease and insect control in Sidi M’hammed be Rahal
  • Fertilization under conservation agriculture, Tamadroust 
  • Technical visit to monitor and discuss the demonstration and implementation activities 
  • Training Course on Sustainability analysis of adaptation to climate changes of Mediterranean region
  • Field Day on Weed control in Gdana
  • Field Day on Crop establishment in Lahyout
  • Video about Canola cultivation
  • Interview with farmers after the first year of implementation of ACLIMAS best management practices in Settat area
  • Field Day on Best farmer’s practices in limited rainfall areas
  • Field Day on Disease and insect control, Gdana and Oulad Said
  • Training course on Improving water productivity of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems
  • Field day with focus on Food legumes management at Toualet (Lahyout)
  • Training course on Principles and concepts of Conservation Agriculture
  • Field Day on Pre-mergence treatments and planting, Sidi Boumehdi
  • Field Day on Crop rotation, Sidi Mohamed Ben Rahal and Souaka
  • Videos-Interviews


  • Training course on Advanced tools to predict water stress and its effect on the yield of field crops
  • Technical visit to monitor and discuss the demonstration and implementation activities 
  • Field Day on wheat crop, fertilization, weed and pest control Menzel Temime, Nabeul
  • Technical visits to monitor and discuss the demonstration and implementation activities 
  • Training course on Integrated management of water and soil resources
  • Field Day on Varieties Fertilization / weed control
  • Field Day on Best practices : fertilization-pest control
  • Field Day on Best Practices : weed and pest control under supplemental irrigation
  • Field Day on Best practices : varieties resistance and yield
  • Training Course on the Use of modern technologies (GIS) for spatial elaboration and analysis of agro-ecological and sustainable management of Mediterranean agricultural systems
  • Field Day on Improving rainfed cropping systems
  • Videos-Interviews


  • Participation in the Scientific days of the INAT 2014 on: Climate change and adaptation measures
  • EXCEL-IRR software for the estimation of reference evapotranspiration (with 5 different methods), simulation of soil water balance, irrigation scheduling, estimate of yield (with single and multi Ky approach), water productivity, irrigation costs, product added value, etc.
  • Farmers sheet for monitoring of on-ground implementation
  • Protocol for Wheat Phenology Measurements to be used in demonstration / implementation / training activities
  • Sowing activities (winter season 2013)
  • A total of 31 videos was produced with a duration of 109 minutes

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