Demonstration activities implemented by December 2014


Beneficiary country


  • International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley to present an advanced planning vision for the Lower Jordan River

  • Organisation of 2nd Stakeholder Meeting and of a Consortium Meeting to discuss the interventions that should be adopted to meet future land and water requirements and contribute restoring the basin’s environmental and ecological values within a realistic financial and economic framework

  • Integration of feedback received during public hearings and stakeholders'consultations and finalisation of the baseline report

  • Public hearings in Jordan and Palestine to discuss the findings of the baseline report and integrate relevant comments. The now approved report will be used as a starting point for the NGO Master Planning process foreseen in the framework of the project

  • Preparation of the draft baseline report describing the current situation in the Lower Jordan River Basin (LJRB) and presenting major challenges towards creating sustainable development conditions. The report marks a critical first-ever integrated inventory of the LJRB’s current situation including up-to-date data The draft document has been discussed with several key stakeholders before the organization of two public hearings to validate its findings (see below).

  • Drafting of the Inception Report related to the FOEME’s Master Plan for the Jordan River

  • Jordan River Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) Middle East Seminar

Jordan, Israel, Palestine


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